[aklug] iMac G5 update

Mike alaskabarsalou at gmail.com
Sat Jun 10 18:38:58 AKDT 2017

I've added watching of DVD's.

I used parole because it was already part of the 16.04 Ubuntu installation.

When I inserted the disk, it started to play it, then reported I  
needed to do some "things" to make it work.

I did the "things" then it was able to play the video just fine.

Then I thought....wonder if handbrake would work....so I installed  
that and did some more "things".

It seems like it will rip the DVD just fine, but you should know, it  
will take a VERY long time.

I put in an approximately two hour movie...it should be done in about  
11 hours.  Average fps 3.5.

So it isn't a screamer, but seems to work.

I'll let you know after 11 hours passes.

I'm also trying to set it up for use as a CNC controller (may have  
mentioned that before).

I was using grblControl on my Intel box, but since this is powerPC,  
I'm going to give Universal G-code Sender (UGS) which is Java based  
and bCNC (which uses python) a try.

I don't remember those being available when I was first looking at  
tools, so maybe it will be an improvement.

My thoughts are that the java one will be terribly slow...we will just  
have to wait and see.

Mike B.

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