[aklug] Memory Pressure Relief

Greg Madden gomadtroll at gci.net
Tue Jun 6 18:11:21 AKDT 2017

On 06/02/2017 10:15 PM, bryanm at gci.net wrote:
> Greg wrote:
>> The "Memory Pressure Relief" messages show up on one of my x-terminals.
> Which one? Did you start anything from the command line of that term?
> I've gotten unwanted error/log messages when I've started firefox or gimp
> from the command line.
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> Bryan Medsker
> bryan at gnomon.xyz

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Thanks for the reply, good time to update my findings.

The output, std out, is on a root terminal, I will use sudo, that may
solve that issue.

It is interesting that I have not seen this before..that said I think
using multiple vm's, pausing, starting, uses all memory, mostly cached.

My limited understanding to date, the memory pressure relief is
recovering pages from the cache that are released from vm's no longer

No performance issues, maybe the new update is logging to std out
instead of some log elsewhere that I never check .


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