[aklug] iMac G5 update

Greg Madden gomadtroll at gci.net
Mon Jun 12 18:17:16 AKDT 2017

Cool, thanks.

I love Handbrake, it is the only app I use that uses all cpu's
available, my movies take ~ 25min  :-)

Greg M
On 06/10/2017 06:38 PM, Mike wrote:
> I've added watching of DVD's.
> I used parole because it was already part of the 16.04 Ubuntu installation.
> When I inserted the disk, it started to play it, then reported I needed
> to do some "things" to make it work.
> I did the "things" then it was able to play the video just fine.
> Then I thought....wonder if handbrake would work....so I installed that
> and did some more "things".
> It seems like it will rip the DVD just fine, but you should know, it
> will take a VERY long time.
> I put in an approximately two hour movie...it should be done in about 11
> hours.  Average fps 3.5.
> So it isn't a screamer, but seems to work.
> I'll let you know after 11 hours passes.
> I'm also trying to set it up for use as a CNC controller (may have
> mentioned that before).
> I was using grblControl on my Intel box, but since this is powerPC, I'm
> going to give Universal G-code Sender (UGS) which is Java based and bCNC
> (which uses python) a try.
> I don't remember those being available when I was first looking at
> tools, so maybe it will be an improvement.
> My thoughts are that the java one will be terribly slow...we will just
> have to wait and see.
> Mike B.
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