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From: Christopher Brown <cbrown@woods.net>
Date: Sun Oct 09 2011 - 20:46:53 AKDT

Yes and no.

You need to remember that when v4 rolled out, it was replacing a
(compared to today) very small deployment, running few things and almost
entirly handled by very high level folks with very little in the way of
a non-technical userbase.

What we have today, depends on many things developed over 20+ years on
top of v4. We now have a much, much larger network, thousands of times
the dependancies, hundreds of millions of less than tech savvy users, etc...

There are still all sorts of arguments about how to do things, and
active development, these days it is more about the edge and consumer
than backbone though. Support for the backbone is fairly easy, buy
newer gear that has v6 in the hardware and deploy. Th edge is more of
an issue though, service terminators, addr distrib protocols, CPE
gear... All are still works in progress.

Still taking too long, but even ignoring the "business reasons" for the
slow roll, deploying v6 is alot more than just v6 transport.

On 10/9/11 6:54 PM, bryanm@acsalaska.net wrote:
> On Sun, October 9, 2011 12:45 pm, Shane Spencer wrote:
>> On Wed, Oct 5, 2011 at 4:45 PM, <bryanm@acsalaska.net> wrote:
>>> On Wed, October 5, 2011 2:36 pm, Leif Sawyer wrote:
>>>> IPv4 depletion, however, is a serious thing because the
>>>> conversion to IPv6 has taken too long. =A0 When you consider
>>>> that IPv6 as an IP technology has been around for over 15 years
>>>> and it's never gotten out of the lab except within the last 5?
>>>> But to come back to your question, it will be a slow ramp-up,
>>>> utilizing dual-stack support. =A0 Once a solid majority of customer
>>>> and commercial users are IPv6 capable, you will start seeing
>>>> IPv4 shutdowns - because it will become financially beneficial
>>>> to folks to get rid of IPv4 and sell it upstream.
>>>> It will probably be at least 12 months before the consumer
>>>> entrance into IPv6 -- =A0we are only just this year starting to
>>>> see test roll-outs in the marketspace. =A0These test rollouts
>>>> are helpful in discovering many of the issues involved in
>>>> end-user assignment and usage of IPv6.
>>> That's something I don't understand. How can IPv6 have been
>>> around for 15 years without anyone developing a reliable stack
>>> for it?
>> I've got very few problems using IPv6 and programming applications
>> that utilize it.
> I was thinking primarily of the World IPv6 Day that was held
> several weeks ago. Since IPv6 has been around for so long, I
> would have thought the kinks would have been worked out already.
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> Bryan Medsker
> bryanm@acsalaska.net
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