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From: Christopher Howard <christopher.howard@frigidcode.com>
Date: Wed Oct 05 2011 - 13:42:18 AKDT

> Well then there you are then. Stuck because you don't want to pay for a
> static IP (which I think is a reasonable position, it is a lousy fee),
> and because dynamic IPs pump out spam from bots.
> Sort of just the nature of the beast. Get yourself a static IPv6 address
> and send mail that way, that would certainly be an
> interesting/challenging option. But until the advent of static IP
> addresses for everyone, via IPv6, I think you are kind of stuck, and
> even then people will still be pumping out spam from those IPs so I
> imagine a new way to differentiate between good and bad IPv6 addresses
> will be invented.
> -Erinn
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One thing that has never been quite clear to me: if the U.S. does ever
switch over to IPv6 (on the whole) what will that look like? I mean,
what kind of infrastructure/administrative changes still have to be
made? Would some organization set a "IPv6" D-Day or something?

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