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Ryan Mooney ryan at texrus.com
Thu Jan 4 10:59:10 AKST 2018


I hope everyone had a good holiday season.

I know I have quiet for a few weeks on the subject of meetings, but I haven't dropped it. I have just been on vacation.

Based on the feedback provided (mainly that Thursdays are tough), we would be looking at the 3rd Tuesday of each month. Due to some delays, based on my vacation and other issues that have come up, I will be able to start these meetings in February (starting 2/20). Sorry for the one month delay, but there is just more that I have to take on than I expected (this is what happens when you try to start a YouTube channel, teach yourself coding, and try to get meetings started all at the same time, basically none of it gets done, then there is this weird job thing that someone seems to expect me to do in exchange for a paycheck :-)). The one month delay will be more than enough time for me to make sure we have a testable (open source) video solution, so the people outside of Anchorage can join us.

I will let the group know when the system is ready for initial trial, so people can help with testing.

I will document the build process, and reach out to the group for any needed assistance. Maybe we could build a Projects section on the aklug.org website and post group project information there.

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