[aklug] how to get Linux within Windows environment

Tim Johnson tim at akwebsoft.com
Wed Feb 28 16:58:36 AKST 2018

* Mark Moon <marktmoon at gmail.com> [180228 16:42]:
> Hi All,
> I'm a new employee of the State of Alaska, in a group within Department of
> Revenue that does investment stuff.  I major tool for what I do is R
> combined with MySQL, which I've used in mostly Debian Linux for over 10
> years.  I need to figure out a way to get a Linux environment on which I can
> run R but in a way that should be minimally threatening to the IT folks, who
> are Windows enthusiasts.  Any thoughts on ways of accommodating a Linux user
> like me within a group that almost exclusively uses Windows?
> If they won't let me have a dedicated Linux box on-site, I'm not sure how
> threatening things like a VM or Windows subsystem for Linux would be to the
> IT staff?  Any thoughts on approaches which might represent minimal risk
> from their perspective but still allow for me to run R and MySQL within a
> Linux environment?  I'd like to get some sense for what may be more vs. less
> risky approaches, when trying to refute their reflexive, no, that's not what
> we do around here.
> Many thanks!  Feeling like a blind and deaf being at the moment....
  My heart goes out to you ... I was once a MIS director at a
  non-profit that answered to the state ... grrr ... the stories I
  could tell.

  Not a suggestion but a question: Are you at all proficient with
  python? Python has both r and mysql interfaces and said interfaces
  may prove to be agnostic as far as the OS goes.

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