[aklug] Oddity in network connection related to DNS

Christopher Howard christopher at alaskasi.com
Tue Sep 12 11:01:12 AKDT 2017

Hi list, I'm testing an Sat Int system before sending to field, and I'm
running into something strange. My main test systems are a Debian
Jessie notebook, and then a Debian Squeeze laptop I pull out to confirm
a problem is not just related to one system only. So, for the most part
everything looks fine with this connection:

The Good
- Getting the right IP address from DHCP server on modem
- Getting the right default gw from DHCP on modem
- getting correct DNS server from DHCP on modem (checked
- I have no trouble browsing any site on the Internet through Firefox
(I don't use a proxy)
- I can ping any IP address I want from the command line
- Firewall is wide-open (for testing purposes)

The Bad:
- If I try to do anything else on the command line involving a DNS name
(google.com, etc.) the command fails, acting like it cannot query DNS.
So, for example, I cannot "wget google.com" (unable to resovle host
address...) and I cannot ping google.com, and I can not even "dig
@ google.com" (same for other Web sites).

I don't have this problem on any of our other connections, so I'm
nervous something is wrong with the configuration of my modem. Does
anybody have any suggestions as to what might be going on, or how to
narrow it down?

Christopher Howard
Computer Assistant
Alaska Satellite Internet
3239 La Ree Way
Fairbanks, Alaska 99709
personal web site: https://qlfiles.net

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