[aklug] Looking for Beta Tester for Text-Adventure Game

Christopher Howard christopher.howard at qlfiles.net
Mon Sep 4 20:37:06 AKDT 2017

Hi list, I'm trying to find another beta tester for the text-adventure
game a coded in PicoLisp. The source package is available from


The latest release is "dr-theobold-beta-r3.tar.gz".

There is only one dependency, "picolisp", which is available in Debian
Stretch. And the installation is as simple as "sudo make install". (Or
you can run it from the source package.)

I want to get one more person to run through the full game, and confirm
there aren't any more bugs in the interface, so I can do a stable
release and then try to make some distro specific packages. There isn't
any financial benefits to being a beta tester, unfortunately, but beta
testers can request free hints from the game developer at any time. :)

Here is the main project page:


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