[aklug] Modifying a keymap

Mike alaskabarsalou at gmail.com
Wed Jun 21 21:00:39 AKDT 2017

I've been using an old laptop that has lost it's slash(/) key and  
additionally the question(?) key.

This makes for hard times when using vim and also it reduces my  
ability to ask questions.

What I have been doing is copying and pasting the slash and the  
question from wherever I could find it.

I finally got tired of it and modified my keymap.

That led me here:


Which then led me here:


I read a lot and decided that I just wanted to get to solving the  
problem so I choose the following method.

xkbcomp $DISPLAY xkb.dump
edit xkb.dump with your favorite editor
xkbcomp xkb.dump $DISPLAY

I haven't restarted, so I don't think it will be persistent unless I  
followed more of the information.

But for now, I have a key map that I can use and now I can ask questions.

That's good, right?

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