[aklug] Configuring postfix for virtual aliases

Szechuan Death sdeath at sdeath.net
Wed Jul 19 22:48:20 AKDT 2017

On We 7/19/17 9:39 PM, Mike wrote:
> I'm trying to configure the postfix server to receive mail for
> mytestdomain.com
> However, I keep getting the error below when sending to
> mbarsalou at mytestdomain.com
> status=bounced (User unknown in virtual alias table)
> I must be missing something.

Rebuild the map?  ("makemap" or equivalent)

(Sendmail's my poison, but the problem description pattern-matches to a
common problem there; "I've defined the damn alias!" + "it's still not
working" =99%=> "you didn't run makemap, so it has no idea that it changed")

"it's the little things that kill"

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