[aklug] Configuring postfix for virtual aliases

Mike alaskabarsalou at gmail.com
Wed Jul 19 21:39:21 AKDT 2017

I'm trying to configure the postfix server to receive mail for  

The key thing here is I want to use another transport, not local, to  
deliver this mail.

I am trying to deliver it to a local user on the box.

I have these settings that should work, based on the things I've read so far:

virtual_transport = dovecot
virtual_alias_domains = mytestdomain.com
virtual_alias_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/virtual_alias_maps

virtual_alias_maps file has one entry:

mbarsalou at mytestdomain.com mbarsalou

However, I keep getting the error below when sending to  
mbarsalou at mytestdomain.com

status=bounced (User unknown in virtual alias table)

I must be missing something.

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