[aklug] Going for the border

Royce Williams royce at tycho.org
Sun Jul 2 12:46:12 AKDT 2017

On Sun, Jul 2, 2017 at 12:14 PM, Mike <alaskabarsalou at gmail.com> wrote:
> For a long time now, I have hassled with moving and resizing the screen
> because the grab size of the border is 1 pixel...that doesn't even make
> sense.  I'm not clear why someone would create a torture such as that.
> But no matter, you should be able to use Alt and right-click-drag (for me
> anyway) anywhere in the window and it should let you resize the screen.
> On some of the posts I saw Alt-middle click-drag.
> You'll have to play around to figure it out.
> The flat spot on my head is starting to get some relief.

+1. I was also happy to discover this alternative, and not that long ago.

But the need for irritates me. I regularly switch between Windows,
Linux, and macOS, and it deeply derails my flow to have to remember
the Alt-click-drag thing.

If I have to stop using a tool in order to think about the tool,
there is something wrong with the tool.


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