[aklug] Copying Windows System to Smaller Drive

From: Christopher Howard <christopher@alaskasi.com>
Date: Tue Mar 08 2016 - 10:16:23 AKST

I've got to copy a hard drive with a Windows system on it onto a smaller
(replacement) hard drive. My approach was to just shrink the C:
partition down small enough so that everything would fit on the smaller
drive, and then just do a block-level copy with dd. Seems simple enough.
The only oddity is that, for whatever reason, Windows install puts the
1GB Recovery Partition /after/ C: partition, so that after shrinking C:
partition, there is like 70 GB of unallocated space between them, and
the Recovery Partition is stuck way at the far end of the drive, foiling
my plans.

Can I just delete that Recovery Partititon? Windows Disk Management tool
won't allow me to do it, but I'm sure my tools will. Personally, I don't
care about having a Recovery Partition because I just I use my
custom-made LXDE/Debian usb stick to do recoveries.

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