[aklug] Interesting Read: QOS

From: Christopher Howard <christopher@alaskasi.com>
Date: Tue Mar 08 2016 - 08:26:58 AKST

I thought this was an interesting, if not very concise, read on the
subject of QOS (read, "limiting" and "prioritizing") for SOHO routers:


Some of the most interesting concepts that hit me:

1) Your outgoing (upload) limiting is for practical reasons more
important than your inbound limiting. This is because your outgoing
requests are generally what is going to generate inbound traffic, with
something like a 1:20 ration in many cases.

2) It is critical that you limit enough that the link does not become
saturated. This is because prioritizing functionality does not work if
there isn't space available in your buffers. So, you are always going to
have to sacrifice some throughput if you want the system to provide the
desired experience in a multi-user environment.

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