[aklug] Re: OFFTOPIC (sort of) android and ATT samsung S4 Active. And a question.

From: Bruce Hill <bruce@happypenguincomputers.com>
Date: Wed Jul 31 2013 - 13:44:39 AKDT

On Wed, Jul 31, 2013 at 12:41:50AM -0800, Arthur Corliss wrote:
> On Tue, 30 Jul 2013, techno curmudgeon wrote:
> > <paranoid rant>
> > Being basically paranoid, especially when ATT is involved in anything, is
> > this yet more ATT spyware attempting to phone home?
> > </paranoid rant>
> >
> > And then I immediately moved up my plans to root and re-flash. Which is
> > when I discovered the above.
> Let me get this straight: You're using a "smart" phone running Google's
> platform, and you're suspicious of the *carrier* ?! Really? It's okay that
> Chrome, under the pretense of "safe browsing" is logging and storing every
> page you view, and AT&T has the spyware? Really?? Google tracks your
> movements across the web on every site that uses a Google API, service, or
> web stats, and demands that you "opt out" of recording your history -- never
> mind the leap of faith required to believe they actually delete that history
> -- and AT&T is the bad guy here? Really???
> Google, a company potentially more dangerous to the American pursuit of
> liberty than the NSA itself, gets a clean pass?
> Hell, if AT&T did surreptitiously record your activity at least you'd have
> some legal avenue to pursue since it was done without your acknowledgement
> and permission. Federal judges, however, are already on board with the
> concept that you have no expectations of privacy for any information you
> willingly share with a commercial entity, and that means Google has legal
> authority to abuse the crap out of you fanboys.
> I wasn't going to respond to this e-mail, but the hypocrisy and misplaced
> anger, man, it's just mind blowing.
> Disclaimer: yes, I work for AT&T. That said, I don't work for mobility and
> I have no knowledge, direct or otherwise, of any illegal shenanigans being
> perpetrated by AT&T. Feel free to dismiss the above as a mindless drone
> protecting his overlords. Or take the time to think about it.
> *All* commercial and government entities need to be watched like a hawk if
> you give a damn about liberty. That includes AT&T and that sure as hell
> includes Google.
> --Arthur Corliss
> Live Free or Die


Sure am glad you came and put some reality on that FUD!

_Anyone_ who trusts Google _deserves_ whatever he gets!


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