[aklug] Dual monitor laptop

From: Daniel Kranich <Daniel@nusalaska.com>
Date: Thu Jul 11 2013 - 13:15:15 AKDT


Just thought I'd pass this along as a cool item. It might have been
brought up before (since I have only been on this mailing list for a
couple months) but it seems like such a cool concept/design. The
inventor lives here in Anchorage and some of you might know him. His
name is Gordon A. Stewart. The cool laptop can be seen here at the
product's website: http://www.gscreenlaptop.com/

He also recently started a kickstarter campaign for his new invention
the gStick. A pencil like mouse that is simpler and cheaper than one of
those writing tablet things. You can see that project here:

He might be a really neat person to have set up a booth at the mini
Maker Fair. Not sure the best way to contact him. He has some cool
looking prototypes of both his dual screen laptop and the gStick mouse.
Its always a draw to see some prototypes vs. the production copy.

- Daniel

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