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From: Bruce Hill <bruce@slackwarebox.com>
Date: Wed Oct 19 2011 - 13:58:46 AKDT

On Wed, Oct 19, 2011 at 12:09:26PM -0800, Shane R. Spencer wrote:
> One of the most difficult to deal with scenarios was potentially the easiest during planning.
> Purchase sector panel antennas then arrange them around the property looking in at the
> hotel and fill in the gaps on the inside with minimal coverage reducing wiring requirements.
> I think the idea of outside in would end up working well still depending on their windows
> and siding. Most hotels only have rooms with windows, never a completely internal room.
> - Shane
> On 10/19/2011 11:45 AM, Shane R. Spencer wrote:
> > I ended up using Proxim AP-4000s for "The Coast" project. They worked well until they
> > started to slowly lose their minds.
> >
> > The router was a Linux box running a simple iptables setup with squid, local dns caching,
> > and outbound SMTP virus scanning (clamsmtpd) working transparently. We had plans to do a
> > captive portal which is easy enough to do nowadays.
> >
> > On 10/19/2011 11:38 AM, Shane R. Spencer wrote:
> >> Check out UniFi.
> >>
> >> Inexpensive. Awesome.
> >>
> >> http://ubnt.com/unifi - It comes with PoE Adapters which you can make a spiffy little
> >> passthrough rack mount. It isn't 802.3af PoE compatible without an adapter in line.
> >> http://ubnt.com/8023af <- not sure if it works well with unifi APs.
> >>
> >> And while you're at it.
> >>
> >> http://ubnt.com/airvision
> >>
> >> The most difficult part is understanding the interference in the hotel (I did "The Coast"
> >> here in town a while ago). Since there are very few non-overlapping channels it's
> >> difficult to arrange access points so that they do not overlap. Some APs have "auto" mode
> >> to help deal with this.. but they don't appear to have a channel blacklist to not select
> >> overlapping channels.
> >>
> >> - Shane
> >>
> >> On 10/19/2011 11:20 AM, Bruce Hill wrote:
> >>> Yesterday a man came to my business who is opening a Motel 6. He wants a
> >>> price for providing all the motel's rooms with wireless access. He said he
> >>> already has the router(s) and (something else). My hearing is bad, and he
> >>> is not a native English speaker, so I missed it.
> >>>
> >>> My question is: what type of APs are used in this type of situation? I'm
> >>> about to go over there and look at what he already has, and the setup of
> >>> the motel.
> >>>
> >>> Thanks for any help,
> >>> Bruce

Thanks for all the quick replies!

It's really a mess ... looks like some know-only-a-little guy like me did
it to begin with. He has a Comcast business class router, a NetGear
switch/hub/router (didn't pay attention because I think he needs to redo
it all), and three APs. I've never seen the one on the outside and will
have to Google it tomorrow. The two in the hallways on the second floor
were in boxen with two antennas sticking out that had silicon to hold them
in place. He has two more of those outside antennas (TR-6015f) and two
home class Buffalo wireless routers he's bought.

I'm nothing more than a novice at networking anyway (Arthur is tutoring me
through Networking Part I, II, and III so far), but this guy has problems.
He also has a letter from Comcast where someone had violated their terms
of service regarding privacy ... they used bittorent and downloaded "Conan
the Barbarian"? Some video I think. He's also having problems with
bandwidth sharing. His plan calls for 16MB down and 2MB up. If it's like
my 8/2 he doesn't get it. Comcast is reselling AT&T because there is no
fibre to this city yet.

Anyway ... I've got to leave, but tomorrow when I get my thoughts
together. He wants to add three more APs ... one more of the TR-6015f
things and one of the Buffalo routers ... don't think that's a good


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