[aklug] Re: large scale wireless question

From: Shane R. Spencer <shane@bogomip.com>
Date: Wed Oct 19 2011 - 11:45:52 AKDT

I ended up using Proxim AP-4000s for "The Coast" project. They worked well until they
started to slowly lose their minds.

The router was a Linux box running a simple iptables setup with squid, local dns caching,
and outbound SMTP virus scanning (clamsmtpd) working transparently. We had plans to do a
captive portal which is easy enough to do nowadays.

On 10/19/2011 11:38 AM, Shane R. Spencer wrote:
> Check out UniFi.
> Inexpensive. Awesome.
> http://ubnt.com/unifi - It comes with PoE Adapters which you can make a spiffy little
> passthrough rack mount. It isn't 802.3af PoE compatible without an adapter in line.
> http://ubnt.com/8023af <- not sure if it works well with unifi APs.
> And while you're at it.
> http://ubnt.com/airvision
> The most difficult part is understanding the interference in the hotel (I did "The Coast"
> here in town a while ago). Since there are very few non-overlapping channels it's
> difficult to arrange access points so that they do not overlap. Some APs have "auto" mode
> to help deal with this.. but they don't appear to have a channel blacklist to not select
> overlapping channels.
> - Shane
> On 10/19/2011 11:20 AM, Bruce Hill wrote:
>> Yesterday a man came to my business who is opening a Motel 6. He wants a
>> price for providing all the motel's rooms with wireless access. He said he
>> already has the router(s) and (something else). My hearing is bad, and he
>> is not a native English speaker, so I missed it.
>> My question is: what type of APs are used in this type of situation? I'm
>> about to go over there and look at what he already has, and the setup of
>> the motel.
>> Thanks for any help,
>> Bruce

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