[aklug] Re: FSF taking up arms against Secure Boot

From: Allen Hill <sstdesigner@gmail.com>
Date: Wed Oct 19 2011 - 01:55:08 AKDT

Hey, did we give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? (Animal House quot=

I see this as a call for us to gather around and watch Microsoft flush itsel=
f down it's own toilet!

How you might wonder? Well, what does it take to donate a little to start ou=
r own hardware manufacturing? Why haven't I seen any Linux commercials on TV=
? "Tired of the hassle of proprietary computing? Too afraid to try anything e=
lse because of all the quirks you've had to work around? Do you think someth=
ing new will be just as bad? Tired of living as a product of a dumbed down s=
ociety? Well not any more!"

Reach the youth and revolutionize! Occupy your computer!

Send representatives to talk with R & D departments of existing manufacturer=

I'll crawl back in my cave and shut up now.

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> On 10/18/2011 09:05 PM, Royce Williams wrote:
>> http://www.fsf.org/campaigns/secure-boot-vs-restricted-boot/statement
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> Did some more reading. Correct me if I misunderstand how this works:
> Problem: Microsoft provides insecure operating system that loads=20
> malicious drivers
> "Solution": Force OEMs to ship PCs that only load drivers signed by=20
> Microsoft
> What the heck happened to layer isolation? When did it become the=20
> hardware's job to tell the operating system what drivers it is allowed=20
> to load?
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