[aklug] Re: Hams?

From: Mike Tibor <tibor@tibor.org>
Date: Tue Oct 04 2011 - 09:49:56 AKDT

On Wed, 28 Sep 2011, Christopher Howard wrote:

> Perchance, are any of the AKLUGers also amateur radio enthusiasts?
> I got a Technician license back in '04, but unfortunately was inactive
> because I couldn't afford any equipment. Still can't afford any
> equipment, but I'm trying to get back into it anyway. I would also like
> to get licensed for Morse code.

Looks like I'm a little late replying to this one--several people have
already replied with good stuff.

One thing I'll point out is that you don't need a license for Morse code.
It used to be that you needed to learn it in order to get your HAM
license, but that's no longer the case for any of the license levels.

The recommendation for Echolink is a great one--you can use your pc as an
Echolink node and talk on VHF/UHF all over the world. IRLP is also good,
but I don't believe it allows for you to use your computer's mic and
speakers--you have to have a radio to use with it.

There's definitely a lot of radio gear out there that's astronomically
expensive, but there's also cheaper stuff too. Alinco and Wouxon
immediately come to mind. You should be able to pick up a little Wouxon
handi-talkie for about $100 shipped.

The two major local HAM groups are the Anchorage Amateur Radio Club and
the Matanuska Amateur Radio Association. Both AARC and MARA are great,
and I'd highly suggest you hit their meetings and talk to some members.

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