[aklug] VHS conversion - hardware+software recommendations?

Royce Williams royce at tycho.org
Sat Jun 13 15:22:35 AKDT 2020

Something other than the security sky falling for once. ;)

A number of years ago, I used a Hauppauge WinPVR something-or-other card to
convert some VHS tapes to digital. I'm looking to do something similar on
modern Linux.

I picked up a cheap EasyCap USB[1] and have been sifting through a few
howtos[2] for hooking it up to a VCR and using ffmpeg to capture. But it
looks like the driver isn't great, the max dimensions for raw capture are
320x240, and the results (when I can even get ffmpeg's complexity to
behave) are spott. Also, honestly, the complexity of ffmpeg drives me up
the wall. :D

FWIW, I have a few NVIDIA GPUs to throw at it and have NVIDIA support built
into my ffmpeg.

Has anyone solved this problem recently and can share some scars?


1. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01H6OQI1W

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