[aklug] Burning a DVD-R

Mike alaskabarsalou at gmail.com
Tue Mar 6 19:40:14 AKST 2018


Thanks for the advice of using Brasero.  I can burn DVD-R's using this  

In my case, I'm taking a bunch of pictures and due to limitations on  
the camera and the computer, I have to move the files off in chunks,  
which means a multi-session CD.

Experimenting with Brasero only resulted in create a single  
session...any effort to re-write the disc after the first time,  
doesn't work.  Even when I have checked the box for the "leave open"  

I was successful using the following, however:

growisofs -Z /dev/sr0 -R -J -V 'DVD Photos'  

The above command is required on a new disc.  I believe I could use a  
directory with a space in it if I quoted the filespec, but I didn't  
try that in my tests.

growisofs -M /dev/sr0 -R -J -V 'DVD Photos'  

The above command is used to create a new session and add new files.

Unfortunately, if you change the structure after the fact, it leaves  
the original files in place, so you must decide on a final structure  
before you start burning the CD a session at a time like I'm doing.

In my case, I'm putting family photos on the disc and I'll be  
separating them by year, so this won't cause an issue.

Hope this helps someone else.

BTW, I did a lot of googling around and their really doesn't seem to  
be very much good information about how this is done from Nautilus or  
Thunar.  There is some information out there, but not enough to  
address my particular issues.

I'm open to other ideas.   If it helps, I'm using XFCE on Ubuntu.


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