[aklug] Hoping to get a linux machine.. I live between fbx and anc..

Tom Ruane truane91 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 3 11:08:18 AKDT 2018

HEy all,
happy sunshine if you are in south central.
I am trying to get myself a good linux machine. i had a great one with
ububtu stolen when I came through ANC two years ago.
does anyone specialize in this or make them in ANC or FBX. there is a guy
on the side of the road between willow and fairbanks but have never driven
by at a reasonable hour..
need to edit video, photos, and I like privacy, and a lack of ads and
hackers..I was just getting a hang of that machine when my car got broken
into.. was pissed!
Computer Renessaince set it up for me, but I know there is a good place in
FBX as well.
I also need a good call recorder ap.
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