[aklug] Oddity in network connection related to DNS

bryanm at gci.net bryanm at gci.net
Tue Sep 12 19:23:06 AKDT 2017

General techniques:
check logs
turn on verbose reporting
inspect network traffic

as a start.

Bryan Medsker
bryan at gnomon.xyz 

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 Hmm, I cleared the browser cache and now have no browse either...
 smells of some kind of firewall problem not allowing the dns to get

 On Tue, 2017-09-12 at 11:01 -0800, Christopher Howard wrote:
 > Hi list, I'm testing an Sat Int system before sending to field, and
 > I'm
 > running into something strange. My main test systems are a Debian
 > Jessie notebook, and then a Debian Squeeze laptop I pull out to
 > confirm
 > a problem is not just related to one system only. So, for the most
 > part
 > everything looks fine with this connection:
 > The Good
 > - Getting the right IP address from DHCP server on modem
 > - Getting the right default gw from DHCP on modem
 > - getting correct DNS server from DHCP on modem (checked
 > /etc/resolv.conf)
 > - I have no trouble browsing any site on the Internet through
 > (I don't use a proxy)
 > - I can ping any IP address I want from the command line
 > - Firewall is wide-open (for testing purposes)
 > The Bad:
 > - If I try to do anything else on the command line involving a DNS
 > name
 > (google.com, etc.) the command fails, acting like it cannot query
 > DNS.
 > So, for example, I cannot "wget google.com" (unable to resovle host
 > address...) and I cannot ping google.com, and I can not even "dig
 > @ google.com" (same for other Web sites).
 > I don't have this problem on any of our other connections, so I'm
 > nervous something is wrong with the configuration of my modem. Does
 > anybody have any suggestions as to what might be going on, or how
 > narrow it down?
 Christopher Howard
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