[aklug] basic paritioning / bootloader guidance

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I would just boot a live CD and use Gparted or KDE Partition Manager to partition and format the drives.

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 Subject: [aklug] basic paritioning / bootloader guidance
Hi, I'm trying to install libreCMC on an amd64 box (LEDE, Gnu/Linux
based) and this isn't really covered by the documentation (I'll
probably have to write it). I've built myself a kernel and the tar.gz
containing the root fs, but I need to create the boot/root partitions
and install Grub, which are things I haven't done for a few years. (I
think libreCMC also built some grub .cfg files for me, though not sure
if I can use those unmodified.)

I remember how to use the "fdisk" program, but I think my spotty MBR
knowledge is behind the times...? I should be learning about GPT,
yes...? Are there some more tools I should be learning about to make
this easier?

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