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STEVE JOHNSON steve.johnson at gci.net
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Obsession Records in Anchorage sells new and (I seem to recall) used
turntables in addition to recordings on vinyl and associated
accessories. The last time I was at the store, they were selling the
same Audio Technica turntable I've been using for many years,
including some conversions to MP3 using Audacity on various Linux
systems.  Obsession Records is located in the same building as Golden
Donuts at the intersection of Tudor and Lake Otis.  Obsession Records
is on Facebook; I do not recall a stand alone website. I have not
bought many records lately, but I have shopped at Obsession. My main
impression is that they are really helpful and friendly.
Another alternative is to order on a "ship to store: basis from Best
Buy.  The Best Buy website lists turntables with conventional, USB
and Bluetooth connectivity.
Steve JohnsonAnchorage, AK steve.sjohnson at gci.net

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 Thanks Royce, those are two really good tips.

 * Royce Williams  [171102 16:22]:
 > Given the likely fidelity, the easiest setup is probably a
turntable's RCA
 > output with an RCA-to-3.55mm cable, connecting to the input jack of
a sound
 > card. This sidesteps any potential Linux compatibility issues.
 > Also, have considered any of the air forwarding services (like
 > ShipToAlaska)? Amazon ships to those, and they will then forward to
 > Royce
 > On Thu, Nov 2, 2017 at 4:07 PM, Tim Johnson  wrote:
 > > Forgive me that some of my interest is only peripheral to linux.
 > > I've got a lot of vinyl records that I'd like to convert to MP3.
 > >
 > > It does not look like Amazon will ship any turntable to Alaska,
 > > they are out.
 > >
 > > With turntables, there are essentially two options (as I
 > > it, as I'm a noob to this issue)
 > >
 > > Stand-alone: Such a unit will have its own recording device. I.E.
 > > will record to a flash, thumbdrive or SD card on the unit itself
 > >
 > > USB or RCA input - will have to connect to a computer. I don't
 > > enough room around my workstation, but could set up with an older
 > > linux computer or netbook as I have a few of them here.
 > >
 > > Some research indicates that there could be compatibility issues
 > > with some turntables and certain linux software (I would target
 > > audacity as my first choice for recording).
 > >
 > > Any comments or suggestions regarding compatibility issues with
 > > linux?
 > >
 > > I live in Palmer and before I go to Anchorage, I'd like to know
 > > there are any other outlets in addition to Best Buy where I could
 > > look.
 > >
 > > Any suggestions as to where to look other than Best Buy?
 > >
 > > Oh, and if anyone has come across a turntable that Amazon *will*
 > > ship, please let me know.
 > >
 > > thanks
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