[aklug] Wireless input on Ubuntu

Tim Johnson tim at akwebsoft.com
Fri Mar 10 10:59:37 AKST 2017

* Michael Fowler <michael at shoebox.net> [170310 10:15]:
> On Fri, Mar 10, 2017 at 07:39:04AM -0900, Tim Johnson wrote:
> >   OK. So far I have stumped the chumps. :) Maybe too many words.
> > 
> >   So, here is a simple question:
> > 
> >   Is anyone using a wireless pointing device or keypad on Linux?
> >      If so, any issues?
> Wireless devices with a USB dongle present as just another USB device to
> Linux; the fact that it's wireless is almost entirely transparent.  If
> you're talking about bluetooth devices you'll need bluetooth hardware,
> and Linux has had good support for it on all of the laptops I've used.
> I've used both Logitech wireless keyboards and mice in Linux, and Linux
> itself has never been an issue.  Logitech uses Unifying receivers, which
> can have up to six devices associated with one dongle; Linux even has
> software to manage it (solaar).

  Thanks Michael. Also, thanks for Mark for his reply. This is what
  I expected. It is comforting to get supporting second opinions.

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