[aklug] Wireless input on Ubuntu

Tim Johnson tim at akwebsoft.com
Thu Mar 9 10:14:36 AKST 2017

I haven't used wireless input devices before so I would welcome
caveats, comments and recommendations.

I'm running ubuntu 14.04 on a 2011 Mac Mini. I have an external
10-port usb 2.0 hub. 

My input setup is a Happy Hacking Keyboard Lite 2 (HHKL2) - PS
version - with a logitech trackball on the right and a stand-alone
keypad on the left. The HHKL2 has onboard usb ports into which I plug
the trackball and the keypad.

I'd like to replace both the keypad and the trackball with a
wireless variant. I have limited motion in my right thumb but I can
easily switch the positions trackball and keypad, if necessary. 

I would prefer that any replacement trackball be symmetical so that
I could switch said device from right to left, if necessary. 

A mouse is not an option.

Before I start looking at candidates, I'd welcome input regarding
anyone's relevant experience.

http://www.akwebsoft.com, http://www.tj49.com

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