[aklug] Debian Question: Automatic Repository Refresh

James Zuelow e5z8652 at zuelow.net
Tue Jul 11 05:45:03 AKDT 2017

How often your repositories are updated depends on your system. Gnome or 
KDE desktops have little utilities to do that on some schedule (maybe 
triggered by a login?).  Server installs typically do not.

Desktop or not, I install cron-apt which will update via cron.daily.  
cron-apt won't report to you though, so I use apt-show-versions for a 
daily report.

I usually do something like this:

1) install cron-apt  - no configuration needed, it Just_Works.

2) run   /usr/bin/apt-show-versions -u from cron.

The -u flag to apt-show-versions will generate a list of packages with 
upgrades.  If there are none, it's silent.  So if you see the e-mail 
from cron you know something needs an upgrade.


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