[aklug] Requesting help with postfix

Mike alaskabarsalou at gmail.com
Tue Jul 4 21:33:47 AKDT 2017

Answering my own query here.

Looks like my testing was using the wrong tool.

Should have been using telnet to port 25 in order to get the proper  
restrictions to get executed.

Additionally adding -vvv to the smtp....smtpd line in master.cf gave  
me lots of info about what was happening.

I could then see that the restriction was being executed, but failed  
because "recipient" in this case was the entire e-mail address  
including the domain.

Adding that information into the bogofilter spool dir allowed me to  
see that there was no wordlist.db there.

Just a few more steps, and I think I'll have it sorted.

Thanks for reading.

Quoting Mike <alaskabarsalou at gmail.com>:

> I'm trying to implement a filter on my postfix server.
> https://www.owlfish.com/thoughts/dovecot-bogofilter-antispam-2017-01-28.html
> I've followed these instructions up to the point where it says:
> If everything is working correctly you should now have an   
> X-Bogosity header in incoming email.
> Unfortunately, this is not occurring.
> I'm open to ideas on how to troubleshoot this.
> Currently I'm only interested in this solution.  For the only reason  
> that I want to figure out why this doesn't work.
> And I'd like to know how to troubleshoot this problem and problems  
> like it in the future.
> I'm open to implementing something much simpler if that is helpful.
> Thanks.
> Mike B.

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