[aklug] Going for the border

Tim Johnson tim at akwebsoft.com
Mon Jul 3 07:27:07 AKDT 2017

* bryanm at gci.net <bryanm at gci.net> [170703 05:04]:
> What window manager are you using?
> I've used several over the years, and they generally are quite
> configurable.
  As for myself, I have fluxbox, openbox, jwm and i3 set up. I was
  led to those minimalists as I started using emacs more and found
  conflicts between emacs keyboard shortcuts and those in the
  "mainstream" WMs

  I was further motivated by the "featuritis" that seemed to be
  growing amongst the mainstream WMs.

  All of those minimalists are very transparent and completely
  flexible when it comes to keyboard programming and I've programmed
  keystrokes in all of them similarly, which makes switching less of
  a distraction.

  I reserve the super key as a prefix for all my WM/Desktop
  shortcuts. In case someone hasn't made the inference - I prefer to
  use the keyboard over the pointing device - whenever possible and
  practical. And practical comes with practice.

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