[aklug] Curious about charging for services

Kurt Brendgard brendgard at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 23 04:36:57 AKST 2017

I worked for a small compny that did this sort of thing, maintaining various servers/workstations/networks for companies/gov agencies. Each day I drove a route from place to place, spending an hour per site. How my boss handled billing was there was a contract that gave them that hour per day/week at a reduced rate, and if they needed more than an hour on any particuar day/week, he talked to them to let them know what was needed and about how much it would cost above that hour. Most days I went in and used the alotted time to check out the server, clean spam out, verify anti virus updates had been done, perform back ups or make sure that the auto back ups had been performed, etc. periodicaly something else would need to be done, such as a server had been over run by hackers, and we'd tell them what it would cost to take care of it. The key to it was very good communication between them and us. He made sure they understood that they only got an hour  per day/week under the contract, and anything more would be billed at an agreed upon rate, and he made sure that the contract was signed before we started. It worked quite well.

 Hey Luggers,
 I was just curious what you guys would charge for services
 on maintaining a
 small site that runs Linux for their web presence...
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