[aklug] Minimalist serial communication

Christopher Howard christopher.howard at qlfiles.net
Fri Feb 17 22:13:13 AKST 2017

Hi list, I have this embedded project where I am trying (as much as
possible) to use only FOSS I've compiled myself. I have this USB CDC ACM
(i.e., serial over USB) device connected to a mips32r2 system running
librecmc-1.3.4. With 16M of memory, the device does not have installed
common utilities such as minicom or screen for serial comm. I managed to
get the ACM drivers installed, which is great, but now am trying to
figure out the easiest way to communicate with the /dev/ttyACM0 device.

So, I am wondering if there is some simple way to communicate with said
device that I have not heard of, or alternatively what would probably be
the simplest serial communication program out there to (cross-)compile.


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