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Ryan Mooney ryan at texrus.com
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Thank you very much.
We can do the 3rd Tuesday of the month, if that works for people. We all have digital calendars, scheduling and reminders can be done.

I don’t currently have any particular build in mind (since I just started thinking of it today). I think the AV solution will be a bit of build, trial, error, repair, try again, but that is the fun part. I would be happy to talk with your AV contacts and see what they think. I did talk with my Senior Network Engineer and he will build a network segment for our group, outside of the normal conference room VLAN, to give us some play space.


Ryan Mooney
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On Tue, Dec 5, 2017 at 2:20 PM, Ryan Mooney <ryan at texrus.com<mailto:ryan at texrus.com>> wrote:

Christopher, and Jeremy: I would be happy to setup a messaging/conference server. I have setup multiple Openfire systems in the past (https://www.igniterealtime.org/projects/openfire/). It has always been a reliable solution for me for IM and one-to-one video chat. I am not really sure how many I can load up on the system for Video, as I have never pushed that too hard before. Could be a fun experiment.

Greg: If you have a more convenient day, please let me know. The reason I mentioned the 2nd Thursday of the month, I learned the following info as the VP of the Anchorage Chapter of the Association of IT Professionals (AITP, www.aitpalaska.org<http://www.aitpalaska.org>):
1. First week of the month tends to be difficult
2. Wednesdays tend to be booked up for many people (church groups, boy scouts, girl scouts, other professional organizations)
3. The Tex R Us conference room is booked on 2nd Tuesday of the month (AITP).
Beyond that, whatever day (or week #) is the best for us, I am happy with. (selfishly, I am out of town the first week of January, and I really want to be at this). 😊


Thanks for doing some leg work on this. I concur that Tuesdays or Thursdays are best; Tuesday preferable for me.

Re: an RTC server, I am not familiar with openfire, but something that can provide a hangouts-like experience and allow local presentation would be nifty. Unfortunately the best encoders tend not to be OSS, so some bending of the rules might be required.

I have one or two Anchorage-local contacts who might be interested in the AV side; and I might be able to donate some equipment, so let me know if you have a specific build in mind. I imagine archiving and remote participation, desirable features in that order, after streaming.

Jeremy Austin
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