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STEVE JOHNSON steve.johnson at gci.net
Fri Dec 1 10:40:50 AKST 2017

According to an e-mail from the publisher, dated 1 December,  and an
announcement at LinuxJournal.com, the November issue of  Linux
Journal is the last issue of the magazine, issued in electronic form
only since September 2011. In lieu of refunds, the publisher offers
subscribers a free download of the complete archive of  Linux
Journal. Also, through the end of December, the publishers of Linux
Pro will offer six free issues to LInux Journal subscribers.
 In the late nineties, reading Linux Journal was as important to me
as was reading Byte was in the early eighties. That has not been the
case for some years.  However, I will hold onto my copy of the first
issue of Linux Journal, dated March 1994, and the last printed issue,
August 2011, as well as several of the earlier archives issued in
cdrom format.  And I did download the latest archive this morning. I
was pleased that this version includes a full text search tool,
missing from at least one recent compilation.
Steve JohnsonAnchorage, AK steve.sjohnson at gci.net
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