[aklug] some boxes for a few GPUs to live in?

Royce Williams royce at tycho.org
Thu Aug 24 23:30:18 AKDT 2017

So I'm in the short-term market for some boxes to house four full-size GTX
970 GPUs [1] for a project next month (PCI-E x16 Gen 2 or higher).

* One box, two boxes, four boxes - combination doesn't matter.

* Patchability and reliability is key.

* Linux compatibility is good for my workflow, but not crucial (I could get
by with them running Windows 7 or 10 instead ... but they'd have to come
with a current OS install, as I don't have licenses for those).

* CPU and RAM don't matter much; enough for the OS to not thrash.

* Cooling matters - either decent GPU airflow, or maybe functional enough
with the case off.

* Not sounding like a hovercraft would be a plus. :)

* Enough power supply to support the cards running at full tilt (max ~180W
each according to nvidia-smi). Each card uses two 6-pin PCI-E connectors
(and I probably have enough Molex adapters for these).

* Not too expensive. Rescuing boxes from recycling would be ideal for the
pocketbook, but I'm also more than willing to pay for a good fit.

Sorta like for cryptocurrency mining ... but different. ;)

If anyone has any leads, let me know (off-list, I imagine?)

I may cross-post to NUGA if there are no bites here.


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