[aklug] Managed switch, WAP

From: Arthur Corliss <acorliss@nevaeh-linux.org>
Date: Sat Jul 20 2013 - 13:46:04 AKDT


Just did some upgrades and now have some excess equipment for cheap:

   12-port Managed Gigabit Switch: $20

Early gig switch, works fine, but occasionally you might find a specific bit
of gear that won't negotiate gig speeds on it. Never had an issue with
servers, but my new Ruckus WAP won't, so it has to go.

   300Mbps Wireless N Access Point: $40

Bought it brand new a few months ago, MIMO 3x3 802.11.n, with nice features
like SSID to VLAN mapping. My 2.4GHz environment is very noisy, so it
wasn't the improvement over my 802.11g WAP that I had hoped. Had to upgrade
to a dual-band radio kit, so this needs to go. Only real gripe I have with
this unit is that brown-outs will wedge this unit hard, requiring you to
unplug it. Put it on a voltage regulator or UPS.

If anyone wants them, let me know.

         --Arthur Corliss
           Live Free or Die
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