[aklug] low-power, bare bones Linux-based drive cage

From: techno curmudgeon <technocurmudgeon@gmail.com>
Date: Thu Jul 18 2013 - 12:11:37 AKDT

Doesn't quit meet what you are looking for in that there's no drive cages,
but since you mentioned 'raspberry pi-ish' have a look at these:




I've got one sitting in my shop that I'm going to hack this winter
sometime. I've also got a couple of the old 'pogo pinks' that I'm using
for servers of various kinds (running debian), and they have worked well;
oldest is running my 'weather' page for a couple of years now running

I've also got a raspberry pi 'b' in a case; unless you need video, the pogo
pink (alas, only available on ebay and the like) is a better value and

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