[aklug] Re: LinkedIn cold hits in Alaska

From: Farrin Reid <blakmatrix@gmail.com>
Date: Wed Jul 03 2013 - 11:21:40 AKDT

LinkedIn is the most powerful tool recruiters and headhunters use--until
they get a hold of that NSA database ;)

I reserve my facebook mostly for friends and sometimes acquaintances I've
met at least a handful of times and are on good terms with. With LinkedIn I
try to only add people I've met with or spoke with because thats basically
what everyone else seems to do if not add everyone they can find... who
knows I might have accidentally added some of he folks that normally
respond on this list when I did a e-mail import (depends if you got auto
added to my google contact list).

btw I'm not a recruiter, just a dude in Seattle that got laid off from a
startup in april still looking for a dev job and got that info from
recruiters themselves... LinkedIn isn't gonna do much about it because
recruiters end up paying linked in for the premium accounts. There is also
a general shift in the tech industry where cold calling is becoming the
norm, I had a recruiter advise me just yesterday at a meetup "the most
successful people getting jobs are those calling the CTOs(startups) or some
one that should be manager or above for the position--I don't know if she
was just a social butterfly blowing smoke out her ass but i've basically
heard simial things from other people... I just have too many reservations
to cold call folks, I'm not a "fake it til you make it" guy...


On Wed, Jul 3, 2013 at 11:49 AM, Arthur Corliss

> On Wed, 3 Jul 2013, Erinn Looney-Triggs wrote:
> Just wondering if this is happening to anyone else, but I keep on
>> getting hit up on LinkedIn by folks in Alaska, not folks on this list,
>> or anyone I have ever talked to before in any way shape or form (as far
>> as I can remember) but just tech folks in Alaska.
>> Maybe I am missing the point of LinkedIn, but I usually at least try to
>> have some sort of association with the person. Is it normal just to do
>> cold hits because we live in the same state? (Even if that state is
>> rather small from a population perspective, and even smaller from a tech
>> community perspective).
> Alaskans, google head hunters, I've been hit up by all kinds of
> chuckleheads. Which is why I no longer use LinkedIn. Remember: their
> business plan is based on generating revenue from memberships that allow
> cold contacts. It's utility as a system for professionals who'll vouch for
> each other vanished years ago.
> --Arthur Corliss
> Live Free or Die
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