Debunking the Linux-Windows market-share myth - March 14, 2003

Subject: Debunking the Linux-Windows market-share myth - March 14, 2003
From: Stanley Long (
Date: Wed Mar 19 2003 - 16:39:17 AKST

  There are dozens of reasons why people have underestimated how quickly
Linux has been grabbing Windows' market share.

- March 14, 2003

Evans Data Corporation hired me to help out with a research report
focused on Linux developers.

Of the developers surveyed, more than 50 percent who now develop
primarily for Linux used to develop primarily for Windows.

 ... This year, Windows commands attention of 50 percent of the
developers. Roughly 40 percent focus primarily on Linux. These
priorities will switch places almost number-for-number next year. ...

Assuming you could get a reliable snapshot of Windows and Linux machines
installed, there is yet another complicating factor that renders this
less-meaningful. Linux runs on far more hardware platforms, including
those that outperform Intel-based systems. Even on Intel, Linux
outperforms Windows.

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